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Kenosha Garage Floor Coating Company

You wouldn’t leave your home’s walls untreated and exposed, so why let your garage’s bare concrete floors stay vulnerable to weather damage or wear and tear? At TSR Concrete Coatings, we offer Kenosha concrete coating systems that equip local garage floors to withstand the most challenging conditions—without compromising on style or easy maintenance.

Whether you need a garage floor upgrade on its own or a house-wide transformation including a basement floor coating, we’re sure to have a solution for you. All of our concrete coatings are custom-designed, and many installations are walk-on ready in as little as 12 hours!

Garage Floor Coating Options in Kenosha

Your garage flooring has to withstand a variety of harsh conditions, from varying temperatures and direct sunlight to the weight and chemicals associated with your vehicles. Fortunately, all of our garage flooring options and concrete coatings in Kenosha are crafted to resist damage for decades to come! All you have to do is narrow down your top choice from dozens of garage floor ideas.

Solid Color Epoxy Floor Coating

A solid color epoxy floor coating is one of the most cost-effective of all flooring choices, offering a great blend of durability and affordability. With rich, pre-tinted colors and a special chemical formulation, an epoxy garage floor system works well for spaces of any size. From one-car to six-car garages, you’ll get the same even coverage and multi-layered protection.

Solid Color Polyurea Floor Coating

Often considered one step up from an epoxy floor coating, polyurea concrete coatings offer high strength in virtually any condition. Made from 100% solids, our poly floor coating systems are designed for permanent bonding and extreme adhesion. They also come with:

  • Affordable Pricing and Free Quotes
  • Multiple Layers of Application for Lasting Strength
  • Your Choice of Color, Topcoat, and Slip-Resistant Texture
  • Long-Term Manufacturer Warranty Coverage
  • Walk-on Ready Installations in as Little 12 Hours

Chip Floor Finishes

Want a little splash of style with your new garage floor in Kenosha? Then explore the subtle beauty of our decorative floor chips

Our chip floor finishes are made from your pick of colored chips, and they add a light texture that looks great while evening out cracks in garage floor surfaces. Like a clear floor epoxy or solid color polyurea, your chip floor finish can be cured in a single day to return full use of your garage quickly.

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Why live with a bare concrete garage floor when stylish, durable floor coatings are so quick and easy? Find out more about our custom designs and single-day installations by calling TSR Concrete Coatings today! To sign up for a free cost estimate for your Kenosha concrete coating system, submit our online form at any time.